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Josh Groban Translated


I like Josh Groban, so if I could, I translate his songs into English!

Si Volvieras A Mi-If You Return To Me
How to survive?
How to quench my thirst?
How to go on without you?
How to jump without a net?
With that goodbye so savage and cruel
you throw away my skin (?)
There's no eternity, at the end it stays
and my heart is a desert
Ah if you return to me
The sun would shine a thousand springtimes
If you came back for me
It would be a miracle, every kiss that you'd give me
But today you go and there's no looking back.
What will there be after you?
More than these tears
Yes, even the rain in the garden
plays endless music
Somber and tragic
Today on knees I ask God
the best for the both of us
Something in your chest breaks as you hear
this fool that's dying of love
and you unleashed a hurricane,
fire and fury of a volcano
that doesn't stop
how I forget that you went
I'm a slave to you
I can't anymore
Ah, if you return to my
life, yeah, if you return
yeah you will return for me
I would be happy again
but today you go and there's no looking back.