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First Year out of High School...

How many ounces make one emotion?
One little tear holds more than mere anecdotes
Who will study the psychology in one drop?
The feelings only spill out in liquid form
Happiness and sadness sum it all up
But let's look deeper on this volcanic soul.
Pure joy and true love, complete peace
Too spiritually bearable for a body of flesh
A scream or a jolt of laughter accompanies this birth
Hard work has paid off.
What a relief to cry out.
Pure sorrow and true guilt, lingering shadows
Too physically bearable for a heart of gold
A cry or a jolt of pain accompanies this loss
Idleness has paid off.
What a relief to cry out. Regard the release of this waterfall! Once you feel it arriving there's no escape. Savour each memory, then let it go. There's no shame in dropping burdens But there is shame in wasting love.

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